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    I. overview
    WJ type slurry pump is a new generation of slurry pump series developed based on the principle of Ebara non clogging pump. The pump adopts foreign advanced double channel impeller, various fibers, good particle passing performance, and has the characteristics of non clogging and wide range of slurry concentration. Through cotton pulp, wood pulp, various particles, sewage waste, etc. Compared with ZBJ grade slurry pump, it has a long service life, remarkable energy saving effect and 10-15% efficiency improvement. For example, zg1cr18ni9ti, zg1gr18ni12mo2ti, 316, 316L, 904, cr30, 941, cd4mcu and other materials are used in the overflow part, which can be used to transport slurry containing corrosive liquid below 200 ℃ instead of traditional rubber lined pump.
    2、 Model and significance: 150wj120 × 18
    150 outlet diameter (mm)
    WJ non clogging slurry pump
    120 design point flow (m3 / h)

    18 design point lift (m)

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