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    1. Our factory adopts the national "86, 3, 5 No. 43" patent and obtains the national industrial product production license, and the fsb-l type fluoroplastic alloy pump which is jointly produced with Shenyang Pump Research Institute horizontally. It is suitable for long-term transportation of any concentration of any medium under the condition of - 85-200 temperature: acid, oxidant and corrosive medium (fast hard crystal medium is forbidden to be transported). The overflow part is molded and processed by fluoroplastic alloy polytetrafluoroethylene and polytetrafluoroethylene propylene and other fluorine materials through a reasonable formula. It combines the advantages of a variety of fluoroplastics and has a strong corrosion resistance It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, no aging and no toxin decomposition.
    2. The design of the pump shows that fsb-l is a new type of fluoroplastic alloy corrosion-resistant series product which is designed by our factory and Shenyang Pump Research Institute in combination of Jiangsu DBJ / 3210j97-88 standard and special processing technology. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, compact structure, reliable performance, convenient use and maintenance, energy saving, etc.
    3. The production, manufacturing and acceptance specifications of fsb-l fluoroplastic pump series products strictly comply with the relevant standards and regulations, and test and record the quality of products to be inspected. This product is widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, fuel, paint, smelting, papermaking, electroplating, food and other industries. The seal adopts the mechanical seal jointly produced by British granpan company and domestic company. It enjoys the best reputation of corrosion resistance in the market for several years since trial production and production use. At present, it is an ideal anti-corrosion conveying equipment to prevent running, emitting, dripping and leaking to build a civilized factory.
    4. Performance range and Model Description:

    Fsb-l series anti-corrosion pump, a total of 17 specifications of the whole series. The flow range is 1.5-100m3, and the lift range is 10-50m.

    5. Model meaning Description:
    80 suction diameter
    The flow medium part of FS is fluoroplastic alloy
    B centrifugal pump
    32 lift

    L-axis connected (with floor)

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